7 Mar 2012

Good vibrations

It's been a long time coming, but I've finally decided to go back to University. I've always wanted to pursue writing in some seriousness and I figure if I can't find an agent, then the next best thing is undoubtedly to become an academic. Those who can't do, teach. Right?

So MA English Literature, here I come. Cue: beer bongs, road trips and poverty, all set to the delicious stylings of Classic Rock FM (which is probably not what the kids are listening to these days). Over the next few weeks, I will therefore embark on an arduous journey to find out what's in, what's not, and how to effectively fake it. Any advice on this front would be greatly appreciated.

I will no doubt be the oldest bloke in class but hey it just means I'm fair game for both the students and teachers. That can't be a bad thing. I hope they don't still haze freshers. I may have to go back to rolling my cigarettes. Maybe I'll grow my hair back long. Maybe I'll dust off my Converses.

I may even be able to get over my crippling fear of public toilets. Volunteer, get involved in stuff, write for free publications, entrap myself in a meaningful relationship, do new things, attend lectures, try and remember what happens in Uni this time. I have a good feeling about this. Never too old to learn, as my granddad used to say.          

            Good vibrations - The Beach Boys 


Shazaf said...

DON'T do lit. do an mfa in creative writing. lit in the usa at least sucks, it focuses on literary theory and i got out as soon as i could. and i became a writer anyway. take this very very seriously - it's the most sincere advice you get.

Workingdan said...

It seems these days, everything is "in" so you might be good there. Except for bell bottoms and big bushy sideburns. I wouldn't try that.

Bonus that you can prey on both students and teachers! Ahh... to be young again!

Good luck to you!

Pink Gingham Girl said...

I am in full support of both the going back to school and the wearing of Converse. I also think you should grow pretentious-looking facial hair so you can stroke it pensively to look uber smart in lecture.

icyhighs said...

Hi Shafaz, when I said 'English Lit.' I was kinda just going for a generic thing. I'm aiming for Delhi uni, yet to look up courses.

Heh, cheers for the tip Dan. Right, the 'starburns' are coming right off!

Pink: if only I could grow a goatee! I'm still undecided on the next best (or worst) thing - pretentious nerd glasses.

red dirt girl said...

yes to the nerd glasses
no to the facial hair
yes to the converses (always classic)
yes to new romantic possibilities

good luck

ps. hope you continue blogging about it all .....

Anthony said...

I wouldn't worry about it "being the oldest bloke in the class." I just finished grad school recently and am now in my late 30's, so no worries about that. Some of the students (both second degree undergrads and grad students) in my department were in their 50s and 60s.

icyhighs said...

RED! You're back! Man, its good to see you again, and yeah I guess I'll keep blogging, how else would I maintain my..err..sanity? Gotta say I'm bloody excited- booking my flights outta this hellhole, packing, looking up courses, feelin' young again!

red dirt girl said...

Can't help but be excited for you, sweet manchild !! Of course I'm here. I'm here everyday, just some days I can't talk ...

love you, too!