25 Jul 2012

Memories of Miami

The excellent Misfit Librarian has kindly agreed to lend this space some of her writerly nous as part of 20 Something Bloggers (20SB) Blogswap. Please read and spread the love, and go check out her hilarious blog Adventures of a Misfit Librarian. Without further ado, here's Memories of Miami.

Throughout the course of my twenty-seven years I've gone on many a
family vacation, but none stick out more than our trips to Miami. Not
one vacation stands out more than another, but there is something about
being in Miami with my family that is very special to me. I don't know
if it's because I'm Cuban or not, or because it is a place I've been
going to since I was a baby but I just love Miami.

Our trips to Miami have evolved  throughout my childhood from staying
in little motels on the beach off of 
Biscayne Boulevard to spending time at my Tia & Tio's condo in
Aventura.Where we end up staying has changed over the years but not the
things we would and still do when we take the trip down. For as long as I
can remember every vacation to Miami has involved going to the beach at Crandon Park (Which is the only time in my life that my mother would go swimming with us. We live by the beach here on Long Island and she has refused our whole lives to go swimming with us at the beach because she claims it is too cold),
taking a drive out to Hialeah to get pasteles (Puffy, flaky pastries filled with a variety of different fillings, like tropical fruits, cream cheese, meats, etc) from Baby Bakery, visiting various family members, getting breakfast at Wolfie's with my Abuela, going to Bayside Mall at night to listen to live bands as we shopped,
eating lots of Cuban food from different restaurants on Calle Ocho (Our
favorite place to eat it Bahamas Fish Market) and hanging out in South

To this day I look forward to our vacations there. I was actually there last summer without my parents and sister and it honestly wasn't the same. I mean I had a nice time with my Tia, Tio, cousin and her kids but it wasn't like being their with my sister and parents.

I honestly cannot wait for the day when I have my own children and I take them down to Miami to visit my parents (My father has decided that when he retires in a few years that he and my mother are moving down there). I hope that I'll be able to provide them with memories of Miami like my parents have given to me and that they too feel like Miami is there second home.


Sarge said...

Forgive me for my ignorance - But I thought you were Indian and living with Sister Teresa in Mumbai or someplace having moved there from Singapore.
Now I learn you are Cuban. Okay, let me brief you on Sarge's views on Cuba:
Fidel and Raul are old and when they die - not only normalization of relations will occur but the embargo being lifted will utterely
transform Cuba and the people will
prosper as they have never before!
I have long advocated building a bridge between Key West and Havana!

1962 and the Soviets missiles is now relegated to the History and Military Channel - move on, I say...


Revacious said...

That Miami postcard is EPIC!

@Sarge Not to make fun of an innocent & reasonable mistake, but it's MOTHER Teresa. And I don't think Icy's written this, it's a guest post?

Anonymous said...

I've never had the opportunity to travel to Florida, but it's definitely on my list. There's nothing like being around Latinos to liven up a holiday. There's something so beautiful about the Latino culture that I feel very lucky to be a part of. Plus, we have pastelitos.

icyHighs said...

Haha Sarge, what have you been smoking buddy?

Hey Revacious, I wish we had postcards that cool here man. Instead of the standard picture-of-a-landmark types.

Hi Nellie, I've never had a pastellito but I sure love my mojitos. When I was living in London in London, bunch of us used to go to this place called Cuba Libre everyday after work and just OD on mojitos and paella.