6 Mar 2013

Monkey, you remember Back.

Only halfway to the ideas of March and I'm burnt out already. Not that summer's ever been kind. Blotches, rashes, migraines, car crashes- it's spawned them all. I lost two years of my life to the cruel Chennai sun. I fled from Singapore coz I couldn't take the heat.

It's not an affliction many people understand. It's not as glamorous as say, an "actual" disability. But summer here in Bombay is more real, life-like. I can't lock myself up indoors and hibernate in a cloud of smoke, or stick to air-conditioned environments. There's a life to be led now, things that need doing.


I don't so much mind that I'm a few shades darker, but old battle scars now shine a little brighter on my arm. Reminding, judging, warning.


In the cab today morning, somewhere on Sea Link, the floor mat leaps up in surprise at the audacity of a very confrontational speed breaker to reveal a hole underneath it the size of my foot. I kick it aside and watch the road speed by in a blur of cement and mortar and mediocrity.

And I tell myself I could do with a fix.

Icy High's Music Recco: "Deeper and Deeper"- The Fixx 


kbbuddingwriter said...

Haha damn that Mumbai weather. It is really terrible.

Talitha said...

Tell me about it.
Get out your sunscreen one and all and sweat it off in two minutes flat and keep licking your lips because the air's so dry.
Winter should have stayed a little longer.

Talitha said...

And no fixes for you!
They're BAD.
They are.

Katy Anders said...

Holes in the floorboard are always fun.

Scars seem to get worse. One thing leads to another.

icyHighs said...

KK: I know, right. I'm heading for the hills.

icyHighs said...

Talitha: Haha yeah, no more fixes. And winter lasted all of 5 minutes.

icyHighs said...

Katy: you and I should get a drink some day.

Susan Kane said...

"... watch the road speed by in a blur of cement and mortar and mediocrity." Excellent.

austere said...

Drink water. by the gallons.
the hills sound good.

Anonymous said...

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Ygraine said...

Fabulous post, IcyHighs.
Fixes are bad...real bad!!

DWei said...

Oh god, that weather sounds terrible. I wouldn't be able to survive in that, there's a reason why I avoid the sun and hide in the basement all the time.

icyHighs said...

Hi Susan, glad you like it!

Austere, sound advice as always. :)

Ygraine, couldn't agree more. But why's bad soo good? :)

DWei, I'd never step out of the basement if that were an option.

Workingdan said...

I'm thinking about carving a hole in the floorboard of my car just so I can get lost in the wonders of watching the road whipping by under my feet.

I'm so ready for summer. Tired of the freezing cold and bare trees...and the brown, lifeless grass.

icyHighs said...

WD, I fully recommend holes-in-floors-of-cars. Too bad about the weather there, but I'd take the cold over summer any day.

Anonymous said...
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The Blue Grumpster said...

I think I understand. My Mom's from Indonesia but she'd rather be living somewhere near the North Pole. So what are your options, right?