30 Jan 2012

Teenage kicks

"She started it."
I've always been fairly conservative when it comes to doing the deed. Not boring-conservative (I hope), but conservative in an intercourse-should-be-between-genitalia kind of way.

Of course, I knew Friday night that the weekend was going to be a bummer. Picked a fight with the kid hogging the jukebox, picked up a well-deserved black eye and his mate's girlfriend.

You're told by those in the know that women are never going to suggest these things, that they don't particularly like it either. And I'm nursing a black eye, a bruised ego and all kinds of inadequacies. I'm not going to say no.

She's got something uninteresting to do at uni tomorrow. She's a fresher, and actively communal in the way young people tend to be. Call her a cab, get cleaned up. I think I cried a little in the shower. She chooses to laugh it off by SMS. It's bad mating karma, but I can't bring myself to reply to "relax, shit happens!"

                        Teenage kicks - The Undertones



Shazaf said...

Shit happens. Yes it does. I have no idea what you're talking about; yet on one level I do.

icyhighs said...

One level's about all I can reasonably ask for Shafaz; much obliged. :)

Salty Letters said...

Did you put some ice on your blue eye?

goatman said...

Ow, I would avoid that place!
Cancha find a place with interesting people who don't hit?
Perhaps a coffee house with guitar and wine?

icyhighs said...

Hi Salty (there's something I never thought I'd call someone!), plopped a bag of frozen veggies on it. Now its all soft and spongy.

icyhighs said...

Are you kidding Goatman? I'm loving sitting at work with my shades on. Makes my life so much easier. THIS SHOULD BE A WAY OF LIFE.

Though somebody mentioned Fightclub and pissed all over my sunshine. "I'm not a schizophrenic anarchist, Chinaman. I'm just bloody HUNGOVER!"

Anonymous said...

I hope your eye is getting better,I'm very sorry for you, people should appreciate more intellectual skills!

icyhighs said...

That's kind, Edie Pop. I asked for it really, poor guy just wanted to listen to Linkedin Park after basketball practice. Plus I'm not intellectual, I'm just a big fraud, really.