11 Jan 2012

The indefatigible wisdom of teenage texters

*Overheard at me old local*

“Now you listen, baby-girl. There are ONLY two types of texters : those who send inane texts followed by “oops, wrong text!” just to register their existence, and those who receive them “wrong texts”. Now which one you wanna be?”  



red dirt girl said...

You lost me at baby-girl... I'm definitely not a part of this generation.


icyhighs said...

I don't think anybody is. They're all the spawn of Satan and Steve Jobs.

goatman said...

Good one . . . . .

icyhighs said...

How does one italicize words when leaving a comment?

red dirt girl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
red dirt girl said...

Are you being serious, icy, or just tongue in cheek?

I tried to write the html code out for you in the previous comment, but it didn't work - just italicized everything.

So ... you start with the 'less than' sign or angle bracket: <

then type in the lowercase letter i

close with the 'greater than' sign or angle bracket: >

type what you want italicized then repeat the bracketing adding /i between the angle brackets.

that should do it. if you want your words BOLD just use a lowercase b instead of i ...


icyhighs said...

I wasn't taking the piss, I really didn't know! Thanks muchly red dirt girl for bothering with my Luddite ways, much appreciated.
oh, yeah
oh yeah

red dirt girl said...

You youngsters ..... you do catch on so quickly!

Happy to oblige.
I'm a fan.