9 Sep 2010

I've met someone

It's been a good few years since the last time eh? I know I promised I'd text/e-mail/whatever. We both know it wasn't quite working out. Though if you were interested then, you should still be interested now. Because as it turns out, not a lot has changed, really. I still listen to pretty much the same music, that gym membership never really paid off, I'm still trying to quit smoking. There's more : I'm still gainfully unemployed, I still alternately romanticize and internalize the plight of the struggling writer, I still have that recurring fantasy I borrowed from Generation X. The one about just floating belly-up in the Dead Sea, full of life and still as a corpse. That's probably also the best metaphor for these last few years. If I were the type to go to psychologists, and the one I went to happened to be the type who advises patients to ''go to their happy place'', mine would be a little town called 'Inertia'. And I'd love her back.

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